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Sunrise QC International Co., Ltd. hereinafter called as SRQCis a rapidly  growing international services providers with respect to quality inspection, personnel staffing, and technical consulting services for single purchasing activity, capex or opex asset management, single small or large scale engineering project, or different stages of an EPC project, involving with engineering materials, industrial equipment, processes (procurement, fabrication/manufacturing, testing and inspection, loading and shipment, installation, construction and commissioning, etc.) or systems.

SRQC is the parent company of Sunrise Quality and Technology Services Co., Ltd and Sunen Technical Services Co., Ltd.  It is committed to offering the finest quality inspection, project QA/QC support, production follow up,  supplier selection and assessment, procurement assistance, technical consulting, project manpower provision, and other business involvements, especially for energy sector.

SRQC is capable of providing such services for both domestic and international oil companies, drilling companies, manufacturers, traders, oil and gas services providers, EPC companies, etc. up to local codes ,statutory regulations ,and to such recognized international standards as API ASME ASTM ANSI AISI GOST DIN JIS ISO NACE IRP, GB, and other project specific requirements...more

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we are of the clients and we are for the clients.

We realize that quality inspection ,procurement assistance, manpower provision, technical consulting are just an extension of the business activities of one company and can even be construed as one part of the integrated operations of one company.